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Frequent Cuddle Card – or – This is What Happens When You Date a Graphic Designer

This is my take on the ubiquitous frequent buyer card. I made this for my girlfriend and I to punch off months as we date. It’s silly, sickeningly cute, and fun. I designed, printed, cut, folded, and assembled it myself. I cannibalized the little red wrappy parts from a manila envelope. (She liked it ^_^;)

Best Tattoo Ever (Patti Mayonnaise)

I should totally get this.

Fun with…scars?

When someone puts fourteen stitches in your back, I think you’re required to have fun with it. Read on if you dare…

Edgar Allan Bro

My good friend Evan asked me to do a shoop for him one night in exchange for some perler bead work for my roommate. I thought it was a perfectly acceptable trade. He tasked me with creating for him Edgar Allan Bro for his new Facebook project found here. I think it turned out pretty […]