Cube thingers for the wall

Cube thingers for the wall

Cube thingers for the wall

4 Bits of Graffiti

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  2. Joanne – It’s funny the things we stock up on!Kelsey – I’ll awensr a couple of your questions here and a couple later.I live in Germany because both my husband and my business are here. I am from Kansas because that is where all my family is from. Because I work freelance, I am able to spend some of the year there too.I am a fast reader. I probably read mostly in my bed.Emmy is very spoiled :) She’s been getting me up earlier and earlier every morning because she’s bored and wants attention.I love the supportive blogging community!

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  4. Look, Trixie is a normal name. Just not over-used. I personally know a little girl named “Surreal” and another named “Rogue.” I still think that Surreal is borderline child abuse of a name. So Trixie has it good. When our best friends chose Ruby, I sorta thought it had a hooker-like sound. But now that I know her, she doesn’t seem like a baby prostitute. So, associations change. I always liked Trixie anyway. But thanx for the suggestions for unique names for our next one – I’m liking Velocity – kind of like Felicity, only faster and more exciting.Hannah

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