Jersey’s Thursdays: Delaware Water Gap Nonie & Cheese My Baby

For the inaugural edition of Jersey’s Thursdays, Sherrel and I decided to tackle the Delware Water Gap Nonie and the Cheese My Baby. Tackling both of these sandwiches at the same time was definitely a mistake but wow, it was delicious. In the future, we’ll likely be splitting just one sandwich. Anyway, without further ado, let’s introduce today’s beasts:

Delaware Water Gap Nonie

Delaware Water Gap Nonie

Meatballs and sauce, provolone cheese, roasted red bell peppers, cole slaw, fried potatoes, and tomatoes in an Italian roll. ($8.99)

First off, this sandwich was *huge* The first bite nearly brought a tear to my eye as the browned cheese mingled with the sauce from the meatballs and reminded me of my mother’s homemade pizza from childhood. I knew immediately that this sandwich was a winner. With the next bite, I got some of the cole slaw. What? Cole slaw? On a sandwich?! Believe it. I hate cole slaw but I loved it on this sandwich. I’ve never had cole slaw so deliciously creamy before and it absolutely tied the sandwich together similar to how cream cheese ties a bagel to smoked salmon. The fried potatoes (french fries) were a bit much in my opinion and by the time I was able to gnaw my way down to them, they were unfortunately a bit soggy. In the future I would probably either order the sandwich without them or ask them to fry them a bit longer so they retain their texture better. The meatballs were flavorful and perfectly tender. I would recommend this sandwich to anyone who isn’t dead.

Cheese My Baby

Cheese My Baby

Turkey breast, colby jack and swiss cheese, crisp bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on grilled cheese bread. ($7.99)

We were told this sandwich is one of their most popular sellers and there’s definitely a reason why. The grilled cheese bread is just that, it’s bread wish cheese grilled and browned onto the outside. Is this healthy? Of course not! But damn it’s delicious and that’s why I only eat there once a week. 😉 Everything blended together perfectly with one complaint. There was a *lot* of mayo on this sandwich. It was both above and below the sandwich innards and I felt like I had a mouthful of it each time I took a bite. Don’t get me wrong, I love mayo, but I prefer it to be a flavor experience as opposed to a texture experience. In the future, I would order this one with light or even no mayo. (much to Sherrel’s horror)

Jersey’s Thursdays is weekly ongoing quest to review the entire menu at Jersey’s Café in Carmel, IN. For more information, check out the initial post about the project.

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