District of Wine

Wine Wednesday – Hoshi Sake

Recently my mother gave me a batch of house warming gifts ranging from tasty sauces and cooking ingredients to table wear. One of the gifts that she included was a bottle of sake. The sake came from Aldi, so my expectations weren’t very high. Ultimately, the sake met my expectations but had an unexpected surprise. […]

Wine Wednesday – 2003 Phillipe-Lorraine Merlot

I picked up today’s wine on a trip to California last year. I was attempting to get some Stag’s Leap, which is my personal favorite, but the store I was in did not carry them. The man in the wine department suggested two wines that were cheaper, this one and a Concannon. I wasn’t at […]

Wine Wednesday – Smoking Loon Viognier

Unfortunately, today was the first Wine Wednesday where I didn’t have a dinner guest, but that’s alright. A bottle of wine a day is good for you right? Today’s wine came as a suggestion from Fine Living’s 10 Wines Under $10. I was exposed to Smoking Loon through a cabernet sauvignon a few years ago […]

Wine Wednesday – Garling Collection Muscat

Today’s isn’t exactly the best thing to pair with Spicy Shark Puttu but I promised my dinner guest that we’d open it when she visited. I picked this wine up at Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati, OH for $10. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be very good, but hey, a big bright green root-beer-candy-shaped […]

Wine Wednesday – Oliver Riesling

As many of you know, I fancy myself a hopeless wino. I matched up today’s meal with a bottle of 2006 Oliver Riesling from Bloomington, Indiana. I will say that this Riesling is, hands down, the best Riesling under $20 and often times it’s under $10! Details and photo below…