District of Snacks/Appetizers

Bacon Wrapped Eggs!

I made a whole batch of these delicious things the other day for a pre-GenCon party. They were quite well received. I learned how to make them by watching this YouTube video.

Wonton Wantonness

I’ve had a request from someone to post the wonton recipes I have laying around. Bear in mind that these are not my recipes nor have I tried them. So if you try them, you do so at your own risk, but please leave a comment and let me know how it goes. Notes by […]

Monstrosity-in-Blanket or The Frankenpiggy

Making pigs-in-blankets is fun, but sometimes I get lazy and just want it to be over. 😛

Namul – Sesame Shiitake Mushrooms

Today’s appetizer is my first foray into Korean food. It’s a very simple (but tasty) appetizer as Korean food is known for it’s vast array of little dishes of appetizers complimenting the main dish. This one is very fast and easy and can be used to impress people if they’ve ever accused you of being […]

Tsukune – Meat on a Stick!

It’s just about every other hour that I find myself craving the tasty food that was readily available during my Summer in Japan. I’m reminded of the myriad combinations of flavors, colors, textures and aromas I encountered each and every day during my brief visit. While searching for a recipe today I picked up Emi […]

Macaroni Monday – Ginger Negi Mac (NEEDS SWORDFISH)

In midst of last minute preparations for poker night, I whipped together an interesting macaroni consisting of cream, parm, green onions, ginger, and onion. I purposefully left out any meat in order to let the ginger come through but honestly, I would have rather had some meat in it. But more on that in a […]

Bonus – Pigs in a Blanket

Ever wanted to make those cute little piggies in a blanket you get at weddings and silly little fru fru parties? Well, they’re not hard at all. Sometimes I like to whip up a batch for parties or just for the fun of it while watching a movie. Anyway, here’s how you do it! Photo […]

Puck Cream Cheese Spread

While the main emphasis of of this project is on new recipes, I also envisioned simply trying new foods to expose myself to ingredients I’d never used before. Today’s food is a cream cheese spread that I picked up at an Asian grocery store. It’s one that I’ve seen several times, but I’ve never used. […]

Dad’s Beef Jerky

Happy New Year! Today’s recipe is my father’s original beef jerky recipe that he slowly perfected over many years of experimentation and trial and error. I had to start the marinading process last night in order to have the meat ready for today. There’s nothing like attempting work with food in your friend’s house during […]