District of Side Dishes

Kakitama Jiru: Beaten Egg Soup

Everyone loves egg drop soup! Here’s the Japanese version, called kakitama jiru. This recipe calls for some interesting things that you may not have heard of. Fear not! I’ll help you. I have a few tips and tricks to offer with this one. This recipe came from an excellent bi-lingual book of Japanese recipes called […]

Creamy Parmesan Chile Mashed Potatoes

I love mashing potatoes and I love playing with various things in them. Today’s recipe combines mashed potatoes with the spiciness of green chilies, the slightly tart bite of parmesan, and the smoothness of cream cheese. This is a little spicy, but it’s quite tasty and stands alone without gravy very well. Photo and recipe […]

Macaroni Monday – Ginger Negi Mac (NEEDS SWORDFISH)

In midst of last minute preparations for poker night, I whipped together an interesting macaroni consisting of cream, parm, green onions, ginger, and onion. I purposefully left out any meat in order to let the ginger come through but honestly, I would have rather had some meat in it. But more on that in a […]

Eclectic Jellyfish Salad

Today’s recipe is another original one that combines tastes from different countries into something that works surprisingly well. I frequent the local Asian grocery stores and I often find things that I have absolutely no idea what their use is. Today’s main ingredient, salted jelly fish, is one of those things. Recently I went on […]

Macaroni Monday – Mediterranean Mac

Today’s recipe is something that I came up with myself. Lots of times I just get hunches in the kitchen and 95% of the time they turn out wonderfully. Tonight is no exception. Today’s recipe combines some past recipes and ideas with macaroni to make four cheese and quite a kick. Photo and recipe below…

Chicken Souvlaki Pita and Tzatziki

A while back a new Greek restaurant opened here in town called Captain Gyros. The place is an absolute dive and it’s fabulous. They have the most amazing gyros I’ve ever had. After discovering the place one day on a whim, I ate there three times a week for about a month before I finally […]

Macaroni Monday – Emeril’s Mac and Cheese

During my lunch break at work today I came across an advertisement for “Mac-N-Cheese Gets a Face-Lift” and I immediately settled on what would be the star of tonight’s Macaroni Monday. After a very expensive trip to the grocery store I whipped up one of the most complex and tasty batches of macaroni I’ve ever […]

Amazing Failure! – Herbed Soda Bread

Okay this one is hilarious. There are several factors that contributed to the failure of this bread, all of which will be explained below. It’s going to look like I have trouble with breads or something when in reality, I’m usually fairly proficient with breads, cakes and pizzas. I think I may have to post […]

Bread Lesson One

Over at The Fresh Loaf, which is a great site if I haven’t mentioned yet, there is a fabulous section for learning the ins and outs of bread making. Anyone who has every wanted to start baking bread but was worried that it was either too hard too complicated, check out their lessons. Even though […]

Macaroni Monday – Pizza Mac

Today marks the first occurrence of Macaroni Monday! I hope to make a fun twist on good ol’ mac and cheese every Monday. Today’s (modified) recipe comes from Eat magazine’s Spring 2006 issue. It’s a pizza twist on your traditional boxes mac and cheese. It turned out tasty though, of course, I would have preferred […]