District of Sandwiches

Jersey’s Thursdays: Avon-By-The-Sea & California Club

Hello fellow sandwich lovers! This week we went in an arguably healthier direction, opting for fish and turkey instead of beef and pork. However, the mayonnaise probably negated that jump, but hey, it’s only once a week right? Anyway, this week’s sandwiches were the Avon-By-The-Sea and the California Club. Let’s take this from the top […]

Jersey’s Thursdays: Eli #10 & Red 5

It’s a number-themed sandwich week! Sherrel and I have been eying the Eli #10 for quite a while now because it’s *huge.* We were thinking of getting just one this week because of the size but since we missed a week, we decided that we had to go with two and that we’d just eat […]

Jersey’s Thursdays: Jersey Turnpike Hot Hoagie & Pennsauken Parmigiana

Last week was a bust due to a work conflict, but congratulations to Jersey’s Café for their successful filming for Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives! I can’t wait to see their episode. Anyway this week was on the house! Thanks to the owner, Blair Laing for that! Naturally, a complimentary meal comes with a catch. The […]

Jersey’s Thursdays: Bronx Bombers & Dr. Jazz

We jumped back into the meatwich territory with both feet this week. Sherrel chose the Bronx Bombers and I went for the Dr. Jazz. This week was a huge success as I left tremendously happy and with a new favorite sandwich!

Jersey’s Thursdays: Vegetarian Reuben & Spinach Eggplant Panino

This week we decided to go vegetarian! Of course, just because it’s vegetarian doesn’t mean it’s healthy. These sandwiches are still massive and manage to pack in the calories. For our study, we chose the Vegetarian Reuben and the Spinach Eggplant Panino. (Panino is the singular of panini) Let’s get started…

Jersey’s Thursdays: Wildwood Cheesesteak & Red Sox Suck Chicken Cheesesteak

Yeah yeah, I know, I said we were going to probably do only one sandwich per week, but these week I missed breakfast so we went for two smaller ones. Not that this week’s sandwiches are small or anything, but compared to last week’s massive hoagie, most sandwiches are.

Jersey’s Thursdays: Atlantic City Expressway Hot Hoagie

Last week’s eating of two of Jersey’s largest sandwiches was a rough. I spent the rest of the day not moving around very much. Many of you know I’m on an 1,800 calorie/day diet (I’ve lost over 45 pounds!), so on Thursdays, I have to be very sparse with my other meals, if I have […]

Jersey’s Thursdays: Delaware Water Gap Nonie & Cheese My Baby

For the inaugural edition of Jersey’s Thursdays, Sherrel and I decided to tackle the Delware Water Gap Nonie and the Cheese My Baby. Tackling both of these sandwiches at the same time was definitely a mistake but wow, it was delicious. In the future, we’ll likely be splitting just one sandwich. Anyway, without further ado, […]