District of Nutrition

Since when is “Liquid” an ingredient?

I found this packet of dipping sauce at work and walked back to my desk with it. On the way, something odd caught my eye. Aside from the partially hydrogenated soybean oil being the second ingredient, the first ingredient is “liquid.” Seriously. “Liquid.” Could you be any more vague than that? I suppose “liquid” is […]

If it ends in “ito” don’t “eat-o” it

I was talking about the relative merits of flax seeds with Byron, a coworker, today when we decided that while the claims for flax seed’s benefits may be exaggerated, they’re certainly better for you than Doritos. Or Cheetos. Or Frito’s. Or Taquitos. Or, you know, anything that ends in some form of “ito.” In my […]