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Jersey’s Café & Jersey’s Thursdays

Jersey’s Café in Carmel is one of Indy’s best kept secrets. (not to be confused with Jersey Mike’s, a chain by a similar name but lesser quality) They have an absolutely exhaustive menu (seen below) with over 100 sandwiches to choose from. So far I’ve eaten there five times, getting something different each time, and […]

Indy Double Whopper

Not since the Texas Double Whopper has Burger King had a sandwich that was down right irresistible. The Western Whopper and the Steakhouse burgers were mediocre at best. (go ahead, flame me) But this new Indy Double Whopper is the stuff of legend. Two beef patties, four strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato and a cajun […]


Hey guys it’s been fun, but some things are changing in my life I will no longer be able to do a new recipe each day. I have a back log of recipes to post from this week which I will get to soon. However, I’ll probably only be doing a few new recipes a […]

Research – Buca di Beppo

One thing I haven’t had the chance to do in a while is eat out at a good restaurant. I figure since I’ve already made several *more* recipes than one per day, I deserved a day to myself to do some research at Buca di Beppo. My friend Paul told me about a wonderful dish […]

Commenting Update

Hello all and thank you for visiting my site! Your support and opinions make this project worthwhile, even more than the tasty things I get to make. Unfortunately, not everyone out there is mature enough to deserve the privileges of unmoderated commenting. Thus, in lieu of some very inappropriate and unwarranted comments being left on […]

No More Disappointments

In lieu of recent disappointments and failures in the kitchen, I will now be taking recipes as guidelines instead of gospel. 95% of everything that I make is from an idea in my head and it’s wonderful. I mean come on, I’m the guy that just one day made Thai red curry from some stuff […]

Cookie Update

Despite the distinctly un-cookie like shape of last night’s cookies, we discovered that they fly very well out of windows as they are light and perfectly rounded like frisbees. -Oji Chef

Finished Jerky

The jerky is finished and it tastes great. (mostly) Some of the thinner pieces that dried quickly have a sort of chalky texture to them, but other than that, the rest of it tastes wonderful. Of course, it doesn’t taste exactly like dad’s but it’s very good to know that I can make jerky in […]

The Quest for Jerky

Despite the fact I don’t want to purchase a new kitchen appliance with every new recipe, I did a little research with regards to obtaining a dehydrator to kick start the project. Unfortunately, according to to walmart.com, the dehydrator that I’ve come to know and love as a child is not available in any store […]

T Minus Four Days

As January 1st approaches I’m getting more and more excited for this project. So far I’ve compiled 70 recipes into my spreadsheet with an entire stack of books still to scour. I thought that I’d figured out what the first recipe would be, but it seems there was a little confusion with the hardware necessary […]