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Lasagna, Oji Style: Part III -or- Ojisagna: Japanese Seafood

Welcome to part three of my Ojisagna series. Today’s lasagna is one I’ve struggled to name. Typically I just say Japanese Seafood, but it’s a bit misleading. The seafood isn’t Japanese as much as the sauce is. I suppose a better name is Seafood Lasagna with Japanese Cream Sauce. This recipe is similar to the […]

Lasagna, Oji Style: Part II -or- Ojisagna: Chicken Florentine

Yesterday I started a multipart entry on my adventures with lasagna. As promised, I’m continuing my posting and today we’ll talk about my Chicken Florentine lasagna. Be sure to go back and read Part One if you haven’t yet as this entry assumes you understand the basics from it.

Lasagna, Oji Style

Lately I’ve had a few in-depth discussions about lasagna. This, coupled with a recent Lasagna & Chianti Night at my place, have spurned several requests for my lasagna recipes. The recent dinner engagement included four lasagnas: traditional, chicken Florentine, Japanese seafood, and vegetarian. Lasagna should look like this, not a wet runny pile of ooze

Tentacle Udon!

Everyone loves tentacles! …well…probably not. But I certainly enjoy octopus. Recently on a trip to one of the local Asian grocers I picked up a bag of frozen little octopus legs. (it’s way more fun to say frozen tentacles) So I was looking for an excuse to use them and udon seemed the perfect testing […]

Karee Udon – Curried Udon Noodles

Another Japanese dish! I wanted to make a Chinese dish in order to celebrate Chinese New Year but I couldn’t find a dinner guest so I had to go smaller scale. Tonight’s recipe is another one from the highly recommended book 100 Recipes from Japanese Cooking. As many of you already know, Japan has several […]

Macaroni Monday – Spicy Pork Chop Mac

Today’s recipe is inspired from a recipe from southernfood.about.com. The original title is Tex-Mex Mac, but I’ve never really liked the term “tex-mex.” Call it a personal prejudice similar to my distaste of the word “chowder” but I just don’t like it. 😛 I harbor no distaste for Texas or Mexico, just the mash up […]

Italian Bread Bowls with Clam Chowder

Two things I’ve been wanting to make for a while now, bread bowls and clam chowder. I figured this weekend was a good time to do so. I’ve had the recipe for the bread bowls for quite a while, but I just looked up the clam chowder today. I remember the thought of clam chowder […]

Spicy Tuna Roll

I’ve been making sushi for years, however, my friends haven’t. I found this great recipe for spicy tuna rolls one day and decided to try it. I normally just put the sauce decoratively on top of the roll as opposed to chopping the tuna and blending it. I figured a new twist on something I’ve […]

White Bean Bisque

Today’s recipe comes from the Spring 2006 issue of Taste of Home’s Cooking for 2 magazine. This is one of the random things that my mom sends me from time to time. (thanks mom!) I’m glad that I’m finally getting around to making these things. I didn’t follow tonight’s recipe exactly due to bean availability […]

Tarako (Cod Roe (Egg)) Spaghetti

Great name huh? Well, this is another packet of the wonderful S&B spaghetti goodness. (I was feeling lazy) Just mix and serve. Photo below…