Archives November, 2010

Jersey’s Thursdays: Avon-By-The-Sea & California Club

Hello fellow sandwich lovers! This week we went in an arguably healthier direction, opting for fish and turkey instead of beef and pork. However, the mayonnaise probably negated that jump, but hey, it’s only once a week right? Anyway, this week’s sandwiches were the Avon-By-The-Sea and the California Club. Let’s take this from the top […]

Jersey’s Thursdays: Eli #10 & Red 5

It’s a number-themed sandwich week! Sherrel and I have been eying the Eli #10 for quite a while now because it’s *huge.* We were thinking of getting just one this week because of the size but since we missed a week, we decided that we had to go with two and that we’d just eat […]