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Wonton Wantonness

I’ve had a request from someone to post the wonton recipes I have laying around. Bear in mind that these are not my recipes nor have I tried them. So if you try them, you do so at your own risk, but please leave a comment and let me know how it goes. Notes by […]

Lasagna, Oji Style: Part III -or- Ojisagna: Japanese Seafood

Welcome to part three of my Ojisagna series. Today’s lasagna is one I’ve struggled to name. Typically I just say Japanese Seafood, but it’s a bit misleading. The seafood isn’t Japanese as much as the sauce is. I suppose a better name is Seafood Lasagna with Japanese Cream Sauce. This recipe is similar to the […]

Lasagna, Oji Style: Part II -or- Ojisagna: Chicken Florentine

Yesterday I started a multipart entry on my adventures with lasagna. As promised, I’m continuing my posting and today we’ll talk about my Chicken Florentine lasagna. Be sure to go back and read Part One if you haven’t yet as this entry assumes you understand the basics from it.

Lasagna, Oji Style

Lately I’ve had a few in-depth discussions about lasagna. This, coupled with a recent Lasagna & Chianti Night at my place, have spurned several requests for my lasagna recipes. The recent dinner engagement included four lasagnas: traditional, chicken Florentine, Japanese seafood, and vegetarian. Lasagna should look like this, not a wet runny pile of ooze