Archives January, 2008

Winter Beer Sampler (Round 1)

As stated in my last post, I’m a fan of Winter beers. I enjoy the added caramel and body, as well as the fun strange flavors that are sometimes added. In general, there’s nothing like an extra hearty winter ale, but some can be trainwrecks, which I love tasting. 😛 Recently on a quest to […]

(Barley) Wine Wednesday – Delirium Noel

I’m a sucker for winter beers, but when they have pink elephants on them there’s no refusing. I found this odd bottle of beer in the import section of the local liquor store with a pink elephant on a sled. The name of the beer was Delirium Noel, which I found intriguing. I mean hell, […]

Coke Blak? Do it yourself!

We do some fairly useless things at work sometimes during our breaks. Today’s hairbrained idea was “Let’s run coke through the coffee maker!” Now before you go on a rant about disrespecting property, I’d like to inform you that we purchased the coffee maker ourselves. Besides, once you run two pots of clean water through […]

Tsukune – Meat on a Stick!

It’s just about every other hour that I find myself craving the tasty food that was readily available during my Summer in Japan. I’m reminded of the myriad combinations of flavors, colors, textures and aromas I encountered each and every day during my brief visit. While searching for a recipe today I picked up Emi […]

Macaroni Monday – Ginger Negi Mac (NEEDS SWORDFISH)

In midst of last minute preparations for poker night, I whipped together an interesting macaroni consisting of cream, parm, green onions, ginger, and onion. I purposefully left out any meat in order to let the ginger come through but honestly, I would have rather had some meat in it. But more on that in a […]

Bonus – Pigs in a Blanket

Ever wanted to make those cute little piggies in a blanket you get at weddings and silly little fru fru parties? Well, they’re not hard at all. Sometimes I like to whip up a batch for parties or just for the fun of it while watching a movie. Anyway, here’s how you do it! Photo […]

Eclectic Jellyfish Salad

Today’s recipe is another original one that combines tastes from different countries into something that works surprisingly well. I frequent the local Asian grocery stores and I often find things that I have absolutely no idea what their use is. Today’s main ingredient, salted jelly fish, is one of those things. Recently I went on […]

Spicy Tuna Roll

I’ve been making sushi for years, however, my friends haven’t. I found this great recipe for spicy tuna rolls one day and decided to try it. I normally just put the sauce decoratively on top of the roll as opposed to chopping the tuna and blending it. I figured a new twist on something I’ve […]

White Bean Bisque

Today’s recipe comes from the Spring 2006 issue of Taste of Home’s Cooking for 2 magazine. This is one of the random things that my mom sends me from time to time. (thanks mom!) I’m glad that I’m finally getting around to making these things. I didn’t follow tonight’s recipe exactly due to bean availability […]

Tarako (Cod Roe (Egg)) Spaghetti

Great name huh? Well, this is another packet of the wonderful S&B spaghetti goodness. (I was feeling lazy) Just mix and serve. Photo below…