Archives December, 2007

The Quest for Jerky

Despite the fact I don’t want to purchase a new kitchen appliance with every new recipe, I did a little research with regards to obtaining a dehydrator to kick start the project. Unfortunately, according to to walmart.com, the dehydrator that I’ve come to know and love as a child is not available in any store […]

T Minus Four Days

As January 1st approaches I’m getting more and more excited for this project. So far I’ve compiled 70 recipes into my spreadsheet with an entire stack of books still to scour. I thought that I’d figured out what the first recipe would be, but it seems there was a little confusion with the hardware necessary […]

A New Years Resolution to Write About

I’ve never had New Years resolution before, but there’s a first time for everything right? My goal is to make a new recipe every single day for 365 days. The recipe can be an appetizer, a drink, an entrée or anything else that’s edible. The point is that it’s new. The recipe can be as […]